READY for the SMART KITCHEN – ascobloc receives the “kiconn ready” certificate at Internorga

With the electric deep fryer, ascobloc already introduced the e.Cook electronic control in the large Ascoline 850 appliance range in 2018. Since the middle of last year, ascobloc has also been offering the frying pans, tilting frying pans and fast boiling pans from this range with the e.Cook electronic control. The e.Cook electronic control offers many benefits for chefs.

The deep fryers can be operated manually, with electronic control or with stored recipes. The appliances are delivered with basic recipes installed which can be customised. Up to 100 recipes can be stored in total. Frying time and frying temperature can be set individually and controlled separately for each basin. In combination with the automatic lifting and lowering device, the e.cook electronic control allows for precise, repeatable frying processes that are tailored to the specific type of food. This is one of the key prerequisites for complying with the EU Regulation on acrylamide, which has been in force since 11 April 2018.

The tilting frying pan features an electronic temperature control, including preheating to the target temperature. In addition, up to 100 freely programmable recipes can be stored, making it possible to achieve consistent cooking results because the recipe specifies the cooking process. The frying pan from the large series is also available with the e.Cook electronic control with the features mentioned above.

The fast boiling pan is additionally equipped with an electronic temperature control that uses automatic warm-up. This means automatic pre-heating to the desired temperature with subsequent continued cooking at lower power, with a freely programmable timer.

The control for these frying appliances also makes automatic water filling possible.

On all appliances from the new generation, the control is operated with a touchscreen behind glass that uses clear icons for intuitive navigation and therefore error-free operation. All text on the user interface can be displayed in multiple languages. Quick access buttons allow users to store four commonly used values, e.g. cooking temperature or water volume. In addition, the e.Cook electronic control features an interface for reading the operating data (HACCP).

Beyond all these options and the resulting benefits for users/chefs, the product offers another crucial advantage: The ascobloc cooking appliances can easily be added to a kitchen management system over the standard DIN TS 18898 data interface. Different cooking and appliance data are recorded automatically and analysed in diagrams. This includes, among other things, appliance type, appliance status (e.g. off, heating, frying, eco mode, oil filtering, error), target temperature, actual temperature (can be cyclically queried for HACCP logging and centrally stored in the kitchen management system), set cooking time, remaining cooking time and position of the basket lifter (up, down). More functions are conceivable for future development steps, e.g. preventive maintenance information based on use and intelligent error messages (also for supporting customer service).

kiconn, a leading provider of manufacturer-independent kitchen management systems, have successfully tested the data interface and awarded ascobloc the “kiconn ready” certificate at the trade fair. With the new e.Cook control, ascobloc are one of the first appliance manufacturers to offer commercial kitchen appliances for full digitalisation.


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