GREEN DAYS – ascobloc’s new generation of refrigeration equipment

Since the start of 2022, ascobloc’s portfolio has been supplemented by a wide range of newly developed refrigeration equipment. This includes refrigerated counters, freezer counters, beverage cooling counters as well as refrigerators and freezers with self-contained and remote cooling.

The new generation of refrigeration equipment features outstanding energy efficiency, with energy efficiency classes up to A+, as well as the use of future-proof refrigerants. This improved energy efficiency requires greater insulation of the body of the appliance, with a wall thickness of 60 mm.
The plastic profile with the magnetic insert constitutes a high-efficiency cold barrier and effectively prevents the loss of cooling energy with the magnetic seals running around the doors and slider panels. The inwardly reinforced insulation of the doors forms a hygienic, homogeneous unit in conjunction with the magnetic seals, and prevents condensation on doors and panels even when the ambient conditions are less than favourable.

The inner and outer shell, made of the best 1.4301 austenitic stainless steel, together with the quiet, smooth- running differential pull-outs, underline the high quality of the new appliances and guarantee maximum ease of use.

The interiors of the refrigeration appliances boast optimum hygiene, available in two versions. In the future, the new streamlined and ergonomic design will allow them to be combined with all ascobloc stainless steel furniture, thus guaranteeing a cohesive modern look for all ascobloc appliances. Furthermore, the new drawer concept features an impressive open and rounded design.

The machine or installation compartment is located on the left as standard, and can be opened without tools. The evaporator is coated and clad with stainless steel, so it is optimally protected against corrosion. It features fitted fans, ensuring even temperature distribution in the refrigerated space. In contrast to the rear- wall evaporator, this ensures better heat transfer, is easy to service and can be replaced.

The eye-catching new controller features a decidedly contemporary design, with clear arrangement of the temperature display and the control elements. The controller can be upgraded to include a WLAN module. The temperature can then be called up via an app and warning messages are indicated immediately. The password protection of the parameters prevents unintentional or unauthorised changes being made to the settings.


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