Sink units & basins

Sink tables

  • Entirely made of matt ground CNS – 1.4301, grain 320
  • Standard sink table cover – with all-round slosh guard, dropped edges on three sides as standard, upstand on wall side 50 mm, sound-absorbing underlay, reinforced with profiles
  • Cover at customer request with material thickness of 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 mm, with beaded edging, moulded draining boards, sink, upstand and dropped edging freely selectable
  • Seamlessly deep-drawn sink, welded without joints and polished
  • Basin available in various sizes and depths, factory-fitted with standpipe valve and drain fitting
  • Frame construction made of square tubing with three-sided basin panel open (accessible underneath), with storage shelf or removable grid shelf or with hinged or sliding doors
  • Ground clearance 150 mm/200 mm at working height 850 mm/900 mm, feet height-adjustable +/- 15 mm
  • Options:
    • custom working height
    • single-hole mixer tap 1/2" chrome-plated
    • two-hole mixer tap 3/4" chrome-plated
    • swing spout pre rinse spray hose
Sink table

Hand washing basins

  • Material CNS-1.4301 with micro-polished surface
  • Hand washing basin with three-sided basin cover
  • Seamlessly deep-drawn basin
  • Keyhole for wall mounting
  • Drain and overflow fitting included
  • Option:
    • Mixer tap ½" with two handles
    • Sensor mixer tap for mains connection or battery operation
Hand washing basins

Hand washing basin and drainage sink combinations

  • Hand washing basin 340x240x150 mm, smoothly welded in
  • Top basin panel removable
  • Sink basin 370x340x150 mm, welded in recessed, with CNS hinged grating, complete with drain fittings
  • Keyhole for wall mounting
  • Lower front panel removable in the case of base installation
  • Single-hole two-handle mixer tap ½" for both basins – on right
  • Standard feet height 150 mm (adaptable to project) or without feet for wall mounting or base installation
  • Option:
    • Sensor mixer tap for mains connection or battery operation
Hand washing basin and drainage sink combinations

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