Extraction hoods

ascobloc offers a wide range of hoods for extracting and filtering the fumes produced during cooking. In addition to different sizes, we offer you the extraction hoods as wall or ceiling hoods in box or trapezoidal form. New in our program are the even more efficient and economical induction hoods.

Standard hoods

Food preparation in commercial kitchens is basically based on treatment (i.e. boiling, frying, deep-frying, steaming, etc.) of the food products. These processes regularly release not only heat and moisture but also unpleasant odors and, above all, fats and oils, which are released into the air in droplet form by moisture vapor. Fume hoods are designed to absorb these airborne particles from the surrounding air as quickly and efficiently as possible. Basic shapes are the box shape and the trapezoidal shape. They are equipped with grease filters, and lighting fixtures can also be integrated.

Kitchen hoods

Hood-shaped fume hoods offer a good solution from the point of view of ventilation technology, as they are able to collect the rising, warm and contaminated air, concentrate it and direct it to the exhaust air shaft. The efficient functioning of the exhaust hoods depends on the correct calculation. The size and shape of the hood must be adapted to the environmental conditions, such as the type of food preparation and the placement and size of kitchen equipment. Due to the rising direction of the steam vapor, it is recommended to install it directly above the heat source. The standard version is equipped with a grease trap and drain cock. The induction hood can be used as a particularly energy-saving hood. Due to the principle of operation, up to 50% of the exhaust air volume can be supplied with unheated supply air.

Cafeteria hoods

In the case of cafeteria hoods, in addition to the aspect of ventilation technology, the harmonious integration of the hoods into the complete architectural design also plays a decisive role. Thus, the hood can be integrated visibly as a strong design element or "hidden" behind a fascia or apron. In both cases, the architect has countless possibilities to set eye-catching design accents and thus give every cafeteria an unmistakable face.

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