Hot service counter

Whether in restaurants, hotels, in the catering sector or in communal catering – hot service counters are indispensable for ensuring that prepared food is presented attractively and remains of a consistent quality over a certain period of time. ascobloc's glass-ceramic hot service counter is a great alternative to the classic water-heated version thanks to its flexibility and capability.

Glass-ceramic hot service counter

  • Heat transfer via the extensive glass-ceramic plate
  • No water inlet or outlet required, therefore flexible to use
  • Wells or recesses suitable for accommodating containers GN 1/1 20-200 mm
  • Appliance ready for connection, no additional cut-outs or wiring of switch panels necessary
  • Optional: Appliance equipped with cable and plug
  • Continuously adjustable energy control via control knob recessed into the operating panel
  • Regulation of the radiant heating elements enables quick, easy adaptation of the temperature to GN containers of various depths
  • Fan in appliance front panel lowers surface temperature and reduces thermal load
  • Easy to clean thanks to fully welded wells or recesses
  • Hot service counters can be purchased as table-top appliances, built-in appliances or completely integrated versions (e.g. in a cafeteria serving element)
  • Table-top appliance also available with heat-insulated flaps for better ergonomic design
  • Optional: Delivery trolley available for simple and practical loading
  • The working height of 350 mm means that the hot service counter elements can be combined with the Ascoline 700 thermal table-top appliances


Depth 700 mm / height 350 mm
TypeGNLength (mm)Connected load
WAC 100 / 1501x1/14250,8 kW / 230 V
WAC 200 / 2502x1/17901,7 kW / 230 V
WAC 300 / 3503x1/111552,5 kW / 230 V
WAC 400 / 4504x1/115203,3 kW / 400 V
WAC 500 / 5505x1/118854,2 kW / 400 V
WAC 600 / 6506x1/122505,0 kW / 400 V


Depth 690 mm / height 350 mm
TypeGNLength (mm)Connected load
WAC 1801x1/14750,8 kW / 230V
WAC 2802x1/18401,7 kW / 230 V
WAC 3803x1/112052,5 kW / 230 V
WAC 4804x1/115703,3 kW / 400 V
WAC 5805x1/119354,2 kW / 400 V
WAC 6806x1/123005,0 kW / 400 V


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