Our refrigerator program is aimed at the upscale demand. The high quality workmanship and the use of powerful aggregates give you the security of the brand manufacturer. Inform yourself here about devices from the single refrigerator to the blast freezer...

Refrigerators and freezers - GN 2/1

  • Enclosure body made entirely of stainless steel - Excecution single-door and double door
  • Temperature range of the refrigerator -2°C to +12°C, Temperature range of the freezer -18°C
  • Automatic defrosting, condensation evaporation
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Circulating air evaporator for optimum cooling
  • Pressure-foamed with PU insulation foam, Insulation thickness 90 mm
  • Door/s self-closing and with magnetic frame seal, Option: Lockable
  • LED lighting


ascobloc Refrigerator

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