Heated equipment

Dish heating cabinets

  • Entirely made of matt ground CNS – 1.4301, grain 320
  • Dish-warming cabinets in self-supporting, sturdy construction
  • Cabinet body closed and heat-insulated, front with sliding doors, hinged doors or drawers, each heat-insulated
  • Installation optionally stationary on feet made of square tubing (height adjustable +/- 15 mm), on castors or on a customer-supplied base
  • Substructures optionally in standard design (HS) or H1 design according to DIN 18865-Part 9
  • Interior with height-adjustable and perforated intermediate shelf or perforated box drawers
  • Edged sliding-door guide, secured against derailing, for noise damping with ball-bearing rollers and soft end stop
  • Double-walled, easy-to-clean hinged doors with integrated horizontal handles and magnetic closures, end stop optionally left or right, mounted on sturdy CNS hinges
  • Drawer unit optionally available with 2, 3 or 4 drawers, drawers optionally with soft-closing features
  • Heating element with centrifugal fan/regulator on right-hand side of cabinet
  • From 1600 mm unit length, additional heating coil on the left – not for variant with drawer unit
  • Thermostatically adjustable from 30 °C to 85 °C
  • Ground clearance 150 mm/200 mm with top edge of cabinet 800 mm/850 mm
  • Option:
    • Custom cabinet height
    • Doors and drawers with locking system
Dish heating cabinet

Hot service cabinets

  • Entirely made of matt ground CNS – 1.4301, grain 320
  • Tabletop material thickness 2.0 mm, panel thickness/dropped edge 50 mm, sound-absorbing underlay, reinforced with profiles
  • Basins for keeping food warm are designed to hold GN 1/1 containers 200 mm deep
  • Basin seamlessly deep-drawn and welded without joints into the tabletop
  • Heating for each basin via external 750 watt tubular heating element
  • Designed for wet operation
  • Drainage via embossed ¾" outlet and ball valve with manual filling and open outlet or with water inlet and outlet per basin
  • Self-supporting, sturdy construction, closed on three sides in standard version (HS) or H1 version, open at the front or with sliding doors for version with heating cabinet, insulated version
  • Basin and control panel on top
  • Electrical installation compartment – bottom right
  • Plumbing installation compartment – bottom left
  • Installation optionally stationary on feet made of square tubing (height adjustable +/- 15 mm) or on a customer-supplied base
  • Ground clearance 150 mm/200 mm at working height 850 mm/900 mm, feet height-adjustable +/- 15 mm
  • Option:
    • Increase heating capacity
    • Electronic water level control with solenoid valve
    • Substructure as heating cabinet with sliding or hinged doors
    • Doors with locking systems
Hot service cabinet

Heat bridge food warmers

  • Entirely made of matt ground CNS – 1.4301, grain 320
  • 1 or 2-level version
  • Heat bridge/s are provided with 80 mm dropped edges on all sides
  • Heat bridge/s with uprights made of square tubing 30x30 mm welded at the corners
  • Heating by infrared radiators with power controller
  • Standard heights 350 / 700 mm
  • Electrical connection: 1 NPE AC 230 V 50 Hz
  • Option:
    • Custom shelf height
    • Lighting of the work surface underneath
Heat bridge, 2-level

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